The hypocrisy of the Republicans just amazes me.

They’re speaking their opposition to the new $1.9 trillion package that will help a struggling nation. I’m sure they forget the 2017 tax breaks they approved for seven classes of assets many of the wealthier members of Congress held at the time, including partnerships, small corporations, real estate.

While they sold the package of business and middle-class tax cuts that would not help the wealthy, the cuts likely saved members of Congress hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes collectively while the corporate tax hiked the value of there holdings.

Remember, Democrats stood to gain from the tax bill, though not one voted for it; all but 12 Republicans voted for the bill.

Cutting tax rates for companies like Apple and hundreds of other stocks they own was many of the ways Republican lawmakers enriched themselves after they passed the tax law. So now they say all the Democrats want to do is spend. No, the Democrats want to help the people who for four years have taken a back seat to all backroom deals and the shameful lack of empathy, compassion, and lack of the truth from the past administration.

They’re only against this package because it’s not of their making and it galls them. For like I’ve said all along it’s only about power with them.

Finally, an administration that cares for all Americans and not just the chosen. Remember this bill not only helps Democrats, it helps Republicans, independents and all of us.

James Cherozzi

New Castle

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