Gun control isn't the answer, governor

Gov. Tom Wolf speaks at a COVID-19 vaccination site setup at the Berks County Intermediate Unit in Reading on March 15.

The following comments were among the more than 100 posted to The News’ Facebook page in response to a Wednesday local story headlined “Wolf calls for action on gun control in wake of Boulder shooting.”

•Governor ... NO! ... Aaron Bernstine for State Representative 

•Time to open gun safety classes in schools again. Educate the kids on gun safety and institute constitutional carry. Your arbitrary laws aren’t going to change a thing. The public being sick of this stuff and fighting back will. ... Jeff Lamson

•The problem with gun control is that criminals do not get their guns from reputable gun dealers nor do they go through the necessary background checks. So the gun control that the government is trying to enforce is hurting law abiding citizens who go through all the proper channels to obtain and carry their firearms. It’s not the law abiding citizens who are doing these evil acts. ... Leslie Mahoney

•I don’t think gun control is the answer. Mental health needs to be the primary concern. I don’t know of any studies completed but I have a strong feeling that there is some correlation between the decline in mental health funding and a rise in mental health-related crimes. ... Vincent Zingaro

•Nothing the libs do is for the people! The gun control idea is to protect them and the power they seized, not the people. The reason we have guns is so we can protect ourselves from scumbag ass hats. Sic Semper Tyrannis! ... Rob Hunter

•Democrats doing what they do best. Take your attention away from them stealing our tax dollars and the border crisis. ... Robert Smith

•NO NO NO!!!! Criminals will always have or get guns no matter what laws are passed. All he is doing is taking away our right to defend ourselves! ... Brandy J. Lunn

•No matter how much gun control we have, it’s the people that don’t really care what they do that abuse it. These people will still get guns and will still shoot whomever they want. Doesn’t matter even with vehicles or drugs. Buttheads are still going to abuse it no matter what. ... Robert Shaner

•How about you bring back the death penalty? Colorado doesn’t have the death penalty. Maybe stop treating the criminals better than a law abiding citizen, that would be a good place to start!!! ... Nashira Burk

•Politicians that want to disarm the public should be removed from office. ... Sheryl Salomon-Grego

•This is insanity. We are aware that the guns don’t kill people by themselves. ... Emily DiGia

•Pass any bill you want still not going to change a thing! ... Phil Rodgers

•We need to enforce the laws! How did this crazy person get the gun? ... Diane Parker

•I don’t get why everyone is upset — you should have to pass a background check and report when a firearm leaves you possession, whether you sell it or it is lost/stolen. Like, these are pretty common sense measures. ... Taylor Boyle

•You want gun control. Here’s gun control. Everyone have a fire arm and know how to use it. Then when the “bad guys” start shooting, the “good guys” can do something about it. ... Robert Michaels


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