Wolf tax proposal a terrible idea

In this Nov. 4 file photo, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf speaks during a news conference in Harrisburg.

The following comments were among the more than 40 posted to The News’ Facebook page in response to a Tuesday story from the Associated Press headlined “Governor seeks big increase in school funding, tax increase”

•Just remember folks when the government tells you a tax will go to one thing, they have never been honest. We are still paying the Johnstown flood tax. Our tolls are being used for nontoll roads. The list goes on ... Dave Cochenour

•Let’s see just how much damage this man can do to our state. ... Diane Shaffer

•To the one that said they lowered school taxes, I want to know what county that was in, because it sure wasn’t mine. Mine have gone up every other year since I’ve lived here. ... Denise Goldblatt

•We the people did not vote for more tax! No taxation without representation! ... Kathleen Rozzi

•Thank god I moved to Ohio! ... Peggy Cousins

•Revamp the whole education system and take it out of government control. ... Eileen Mangino

•It’s unacceptable to continue throwing money at a broken system that will continue to be broken. Make school choice/savings accounts happen and we’ll chat. ... Jessica Murphy

•But fact checkers said they wouldn’t increase taxes. ... Dan Rice

•How about you lower your paycheck instead. ... Stephen Tillia

•The tax man wants more taxes. Seems to be a yearly thing with him. Instead of making government smaller, we have to pay more taxes? This is going to go like a leaded balloon in the House and Senate. ... Brandon Fisher

•This is why you should never vote for a Democrat! He is going to tax us to death. ... Doug Sallmen Jr.

•Adults angry over an increase in school funding, which has only been decreased continuously over the years, are the same ones to proclaim kids are so stupid they’re eating Tide Pods. You can’t have it both ways. Pick a struggle. ... Patty Wilson

•Ahh, no. Consolidate school districts, save money. ... Anthony Razzano

•Simple response....NO. ... Aaron Bernstine for State Representative

•Can we start with bloated bureaucrats stealing the tax money before it even gets to the school system? ... Jonathan White

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