Back talk: Readers react to Capitol mob siege

U.S. Capitol Police hold protesters at gun-point near the House Chamber inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in Washington. 

The following comments were among the more-than-250 posted to The News’ Facebook page in response to a Sunbury Daily Item editorial titled “Trump’s violent mob” that ran online Wednesday and in Thursday’s print edition.

•Will we see the charges and booking info on these actors. Prior arrests, where they are from and WHO paid for their transport and housing? I didn’t think so! ... Jim Brown

•Thank you for speaking the truth. Some of out local elected officials have trouble accepting that or telling it. ... Alfred Schnabel

•New Castle News, you should be ashamed of yourself. Put the facts out, there don’t just put what you want to put out there. This was all part of the plan.

There is no way you’re going to sit there and tell me that they just got into the Capitol Building without nobody being present. It’s all part of the plan, people, for the great reset that Biden is talking about right now when he first takes his day in office. ... Jonathan Krause

•Maybe hold people accountable for their own actions and behavior. ... Crystal Beahr

•I can not even follow or purchase your paper anymore. Coming out and making this statement without even knowing for sure. Clearly you lean left only. You are a paper and are too write the story from both sides and let us decide for ourselves. ... Randi L. Burnell Kerr

•Good job at being unbiased New Castle News (thumbs-up emoji). ... Matthew DeMarco 

•So sad. Trump was the best president for the working American!! ... Julie Ann Locy Fleming

•They need to remove Trump now - he is unstable with emotionally mental problems. Trump is responsible for causing paranoia and violence. ... Audrey Pryzbylski

•The most despicable actions today by Americans who claim they are Patriots! ... Robin Mandaglio Wagner

•So...even if it WAS trump protestors...why is it ok for BLM to do this and not them? ... Heather Gee

•Shame on NC news. At least report neutrally - will not ever pay a cent for your paper. ... Sunny Quinn

•President Trump was responsible? This is why nobody reads your paper. You are in a REPUBLICAN COUNTY. None of us want to hear your opinions, we want facts. ... Mike Soke

•The left-wing media is at it again. It was NOT the fault of President Trump that some chose to destroy property. When people commit crimes, the criminal is responsible. Just as no politician was responsible when BLM burned building and looted businesses, President Trump is not responsible for the few who damaged the U.S. Capitol Building. It’s time to actually hold criminals responsible. ... Aaron Bernstine, via his campaign page

•Come back to me when you get a property damage comparison vs BLM Antifa. GTFO. ... Lance Nimmo

•No different than antifa and blm rioting and burning cities down. Can’t have it both ways. ... Trenton Isaac

•Why aren’t they at work?!? Hmmmm double standard right? ... Bonnie Anne Pitts

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