Brent Addleman head shot

Brent Addleman is the assistant editor for the New Castle News.

Yeah, my weekend was shot just like everyone else’s.

Snowmageddon 2019 brought high winds, rain, sleet, snow and ice. Sadly, I also managed to come down with the flu so I spent most of the day before and the day of the greatest snow event of 2019 viewing it from my windows.

I was able to get new front tires on the “Deathmobile” — yes, only Senator Blutarsky is the only other driver allowed — after having put new back tires on in December.

So, when it did come time to travel on Sunday I was having plenty of fun with four-wheel drive engaged for all my travels.

I must say this is the first major snow event I have had the pleasure, or isn’t that displeasure, of being part of since I moved back from Texas. All I can say is I am frozen through and through.

I arrived at the major retailer not as early as I would have liked Saturday morning for the new front shoes, but when I left it had been snowing for an hour.

So, on my travels back to the Fortress of Solitude I was able to engage the four-wheel drive and test the tires to make sure they would suffice until they become so worn a new set will take their place.

The rest of my Saturday afternoon was spent binging TV shows on Netflix and checking the weather outside every few hours. Much to my surprise by around 4 p.m. it had started raining.

My first thought was “Oh this is going to be fun tomorrow.”

So after it rained a while I noticed I was hearing the ticks of sleet hitting my living room picture window. That went on for hours and it had changed over to snow before I began my night’s attempt at slumber.

Before heading out on Sunday I made sure I had several layers of clothing on because I knew it was going to take awhile to get all the ice off my vehicle.

A few days later and some of that ice is still there as it is inches thick.

But we were supposed to get rain this week, but then we will dip back into winter for a few more weeks.

This time, I will be ready.


My colleague Peter Sirianni, who serves as our digital editor, seems to have an issue with people spelling superbowl rather than its proper spelling of “Super Bowl.”

I agree with Pete. People should know. It’s not like the game hasn’t been around for half a century.

My pet peeve has always been 12 noon. Noon is all that is needed. Oh, and it is midnight not 12 midnight. The word “got” gets on my nerves, too.

I am not even sure if I am going to watch this one. I work on Sundays anyway so I will probably just dive into my work or find some music to listen to.

Well, I got to finish this section! Ah! No! I have to finish this section. There. That’s better.

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