Ed Allison and his staff in the county’s election office left a paper trail at the May primary election. And that is a great thing.

Allison and his band of office and poll workers faced a daunting task heading into the May 21 election. Gov. Tom Wolf already had ordered all 67 Pennsylvania counties to have new elections equipment that would produce a paper record of votes cast in place for the 2020 presidential election.

Lawrence County, though, wanted to be sure the potential bugs had been worked out of any new system long before that time arrived. And so, the commissioners made the decision in January to purchase, set up and educate poll workers and voters on a new system in time for the May Primary Election.

In the end, not a single thing went wrong and all should be proud of what they accomplished.

Even though the department spent the past two years investigating new elections equipment, it had a very short time period in which to pull it all together.

Members of the elections board and the county commissioners spend time receiving presentations on new equipment from various companies, traveled to symposiums and debated the issue at length in meetings, striving to make the right choice for the elections office and voters.

Throw in the aspect that each and every poll worker had to be trained on the new equipment and it could have spelled disaster.

The election was calm and smooth.

The county breezed through the election and the paper trail system went off without a hitch. Any early worry or concerns was quickly cast aside.

During last week’s election board meeting, members of the board tripped their had to the county’s elections staff to create an environment that was friendly to all.

Hats off, ladies and gentleman.

Get ready to work your magic again come November. 

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