Gary Church: Greenspace

Retired now, Gary Church is a former grower at a local greenhouse.

There are some people in the world who get paid to play games.

Then there are also those who get paid not to play games.

I am among the latter.

Last year at Pastor Scot’s worship arts open house, I was caught cheating by Pastor Mike during one of the games.

He called me names like Arminian, and stuff that you would have to be a theologian to understand.

I will admit, I might have been a little guilty, but I won the top prize.

The very next day, Pastor Mike suffered a heart attack.

This year at the open house, to make sure Pastor Mike didn't have a relapse, I was given a prize before the game started. Then I was told I was disqualified from playing because I had already won something.

My prize was a Christmas decorated T-shirt, which actually fit me.

While I was modeling it for the crowd, I let everyone know I was going to come out of the bathroom that night wearing just the shirt, and dancing for my wife.

Imagining what that would look like, most everyone threw up.

A new game introduced this year was, upon entering the house, you had to write your name on a slip of paper and place it in a bowl.

There were no specific instructions on how many times you were supposed to fill out a paper.

I might have done it more than once.

You'll never guess whose name they pulled out of the bowl.

I was one of the proud winners.

Thankfully, my name did not get pulled out again, so I got away with it, probably saving Mike's life.

I think I was the top prize winner of the evening, coming home with two, and I didn't have to get out of the chair.

I'm thinking maybe next year they will offer me a prize just to stay home.

Something with a plug on the end would be nice.


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