Gary Church: Greenspace

Retired now, Gary Church is a former grower at a local greenhouse.

Many many years ago, I had a friend named Pam, who worked for a magnetic sign company.

Pam presented me one day with a license-plate sized magnetic sign that she had made. It read, "GARY GROWER."

I stuck the sign on my desk.

Bob McCracken, who was doing promotions for Weingartner’s at the time, saw the sign, and started referring to me as Gary the Grower.

The name sort of stuck.

In the twilight years of my life, my occupation has changed.

Growing plants had it challenges. I now find it much easier to write about them.

Thus you ask, "Are you going to change your name to Gary the Writer?"

I doubt that will happen.

Being Gary the Grower sounds right. Being Gary the Writer doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

I would need to change my name to Wally, if I wanted a smooth-sounding name and title.

Wally the Writer would be perfect.

Since my wife has trouble remembering my name as it is, I'll probably not change it.

If I did, she would more than likely prefer Ike the Idiot.

Name changes are not unusual in my family.

My mother went from Nellie Margaret to Margaret Nellie.

Out of six kids, I was the only one to discover that my dad's real name was Estell Wayne Church, not Wayne Ernest like he told everyone.

I don't think my sister Evelyn ever knew her original name.

Since I am blogging now, I do have one other choice for a name.

How does Blake the Blogger sound?

When it's dinner time, I don't care if I'm called Blake, Gary, Wally, or Ike — I'll be there.

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