Neshannock Creek rescue

First responders enter Neshannock Creek to rescue three women Sunday evening. Two of the women were on an air mattress, while a third was in a kayak. Both vessels capsized.

First responders were called out for a water rescue last night around 7 p.m. for three women who were on an air mattress in Neshannock Creek on state Route 956 in New Wilmington Township.

Eric Young, a trooper for the Pennsylvania State Police, said that the women, who were between the ages of 25 and 35, went into the Neshannock Creek for a ride at the Covered Bridge. Two of the females were on the air mattress and the other one was in a kayak. Both vessels capsized.

First responders from Volant, New Wilmington and Neshannock were called for the water rescue. In addition, New Castle’s Fire Water Rescue team was on scene, as well as the state police, Neshannock Township police and Noga Ambulance.

Neshannock Township launched its rescue boat at the Alduk Access area off Route 956 near Pialla Court. Rescuers headed headed downstream. Fortunately, two of the girls, one from the kayak, and one from the air mattress were able to make it to the shore, just upstream from Piella Court. Both women were able to go home. It was then reported the other girl was across the stream on the Hickory Township side of the river and was on the rocks by the shore.

Neshannock Township rescuers then turned their boat around and went upstream and rescued the other female. All three women were checked out by EMTs from Noga Ambulance, and did not require further treatment.

The kayak remains in the water.

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