Ballot instructions

It’s the race to establish the race.

Tuesday is primary election day in Pennsylvania, and the ballot is stuffed with the names of local candidates who are hoping to be their party’s banner carriers when November’s general election rolls around.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

All Lawrence County voters will be casting ballots for Judge of Superior Court, as well as for the county offices of commissioners, controller, treasurer, prothonotary and clerk of courts and coroner. Two nominees from each party advance to the fall ballot for superior court and county commissioner, one for each of the other offices.

Nominations for district judge also will be decided in District 53-3-4 and District 53-1-1.

In New Castle and borough mayor races, voters will elect one nominee from each party, as they will in contests for township supervisors and, where applicable, municipal auditors and tax collectors.

In the race for city council, residents may vote for up to three candidates in each party. Up to three nominations per party also will be up for grabs in borough council races.

All county school districts will see five nominations for director from each party, with the exception of Blackhawk, for which two nominees will be chosen.

Tuesday's elections will mark the first use of new voting machines, which the county purchased in response to a state mandate for all municipalities to have systems that produce a paper trail before the November 2020 presidential election. A graphic with instructions on how to fill out your ballot accompanies this story, as does an instructional video on how to use the new machines.

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