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Two men accused as conspirators in an alleged Ellwood City methamphetamine lab are wanted by borough police.

Officers filed charges Thursday against Timothy Bill Locke Jr., 34, of 4448 Hollow Road, New Castle, and Richard Brian Lumley, 44, of Rear 332 Orchard Ave., Ellwood City, in connection with evidence of a methamphetamine lab found last week in an apartment at 423 Spring St.

District Judge Jerry G. Cartwright has issued warrants for their arrests.

The apartment resident, Michael Joseph Tomasello, 55, was arrested Sept. 25. The police had received complaints from a neighbor that night about a strong chemical smell at Tomasello’s apartment.

Tomasello told officers Locke and Lumley had fled the apartment when the neighbor called the police, and that Locke was the maker of the methamphetamine and Lumley had provided Claritin D, one of the ingredients, for the process.

Tomasello told police Locke and Lumley share the methamphetamine they make.

Police said they had found a plastic tube in Tomasello’s front pocket that contained suspected meth.

When a state police clandestine lab response team searched the apartment, they allegedly found numerous chemicals and other items indicative of a methamphetamine lab operation.

Locke and Lumley each are charged with manufacture, delivery and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, possession of red phosphorus and other materials with intent to manufacture controlled substances, operating a methamphetamine lab, conspiracy to operate a meth lab and possession with intent to deliver.

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