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Dollar General has its sights set on building two more stores in Lawrence County.

Development and subdivision plans for two more Dollar General stores in Lawrence County could require more adjustments and revisions.

The Lawrence County Planning Commission made a critical review of the subdivision and land development plans for both ventures at its regular public meeting Wednesday in North Beaver Township. One store is planned for Route 65 in Wayne Township, near the Ellwood City border. The other is to be built in Slippery Rock Township, on Route 422 at the intersection of Route 388, across from Sheetz.

As of July 2018, Dollar General operates 15,000 stores in the continental United States. The company began in 1939 as a family-owned business called J.L. Turner and Son in Scottsville, Kentucky, owned by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner. detailed the reviews before the commission, indicating that both Dollar General plans need more work before either township should approve them. Based on his comments, the commission approved Miller's scrutiny of them and will send the reviews as recommendations to both townships to consider.

The supervisors of Wayne and Slippery Rock townships will ultimately decide about whether the company's plans are satisfactory enough to build.

No company representatives attended the meeting. An attempt was unsuccessful to contact Michael Swank, engineer and surveyor of Steck Beck Engineering and Surveying of Lebanon, who submitted the plans.

A map on Dollar General's website shows there are about 15 of its stores already in operation throughout Lawrence County. The company's headquarters is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. According to online information, the company, which started in 1939 in Kentucky as a family owned business, had more than 15,000 stores in operation in the continental United States as of July, 2018.

Dollar General now is planning to build a 9,100-foot retail store on Woodside Avenue on 0.91 acres in Wayne Township.

The store involves a subdivision of a 6.5 acre tract into four lots. However, according to Miller, the final subdivision plan submitted by the company's engineers is incomplete and will not create any new lots.

Miller also noted that the plan has no parking and access plan, and that the sight distance of all driveways entering Route 65 is lacking, as is a highway occupancy permit, approval of sanitary sewer and water service.

He also pointed out that the proposed building's front-yard setback is not in the correct location on the paperwork, and the rear and side yard setbacks also are inadequate.

"The frontage doesn't meet the Wayne Township ordinance, and they should reconfigure it," he said.

Miller added that a retail store under the township zoning ordinance requires one parking space per every 200 feet of gross floor area, and the plan proposes 30 parking spaces, while the ordinance requires 46.

Variances also would need to be granted from the township for the store's sign, side yard and parking, he commented, adding, "the property needs to be redesigned. They should create a lot that the building actually fits on."

He also cited other details that the plan is lacking that should be addressed before it gets final township approval.

"Dollar General has a plan it wants to use for everything they do, regardless of what the municipality wants them to do," Miller said.

The plans for the Slippery Rock Township store call for construction of a 9,100-square-foot retail store on 1.17 acres. The plan doesn't show the subdivision plan, and the property needs a survey, Miller pointed out.

The store's access way and Sheetz's access ways do not line up with each other, "but that's up to PennDOT," he said, adding "I'm assuming PennDOT will notice that when they go out there."

He noted that Slippery Rock Township has no zoning ordinance.

The final subdivision lot is incomplete and will not create any new lots, Miller said of the plan, and the county assessment office will not be able to assess new properties for taxing purposes as they are currently drawn.


Debbie's been a journalist at the New Castle News since 1978, and covers county government, police and fire, New Castle schools, environment and various other realms. She also writes features, takes photos and video and copy edits.

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