Police Reports

Three teens have been arrested for allegedly breaking into cars on the city’s North Hill.

New Castle police have charged 18-year-old Jermaine Morton Jr., 19-year-old Charles Devin Barnes of 1807 Moravia St., and 19-year-old Mikkal Darnell Johnson of 910 Winslow Ave. in connection with incidents reported around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police were called to the 1700 block of Audley Avenue by a resident who reported males were rummaging through parked cars.

Police found the three males running along Sumner Avenue near Carlisle Street and were able to stop one of them, whom they identified as Barnes.

Barnes told police he was alone and that he was leaving a party. Police saw the other two males — Morton and Johnson — emerge from a back yard in the 200 block of Euclid Avenue. Morton told police all three of them were leaving a party and were running because they thought they were being followed.

The officers said they followed footprints behind the house and found coins and a phone card scattered through the back yard near the footprints.

Barnes then told police that the three were together, and that Morton was breaking into cars as they were walking.

Morton told police Johnson and Barnes were going through cars and stealing change but he did not go through any cars on the North Hill. He told police he broke into a car on the East Side earlier that evening but he did not take anything from it.

He said all three ran when the North Hill caller saw them, and Johnson dumped all of the change he stole from the cars behind the house where officers found it.

Each of the teens is charged with theft from a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property and loitering and prowling at night.

They were released and will be sent summonses to appear in court.

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