Police from around the county arrested nearly a dozen people on drug charges in a sweep yesterday morning.

The roundup, coordinated by the New Castle Police Department, resulted in charges against three people who already are in jail. The city officers were assisted by police from other agencies, who are members of the District Attorney’s Drug Task Force.

The suspects were arraigned yesterday afternoon by District Judges Melissa Amodie and J.V. Lamb. Most preliminary hearings are scheduled for Thursday.

Those arrested on warrants and their jail bonds are:

•Marsha Jackson, 44, 11203 Pin Oak Drive, $25,000

•Waverly Torrance Primm, 18, 404 Harbor St., $25,000

•Antonio T. Beamon, 23, 1107 Pin Oak Drive, $25,000 and $20,000, on two sets of charges. He was already in jail.

•Robert Phillips, 47, 105 Richlieu Ave., $25,000

•Dorothy Ortiz, 38, 105 Richlieu Ave., $25,000

•Wesley Cox, 24, 618 E. Reynolds St., $25,000 each on two sets of charges. He was already in jail.

•Antonio Deshawn Gardner, 22, 461-19 Neshannock Village, $25,000. He was already in jail.

•Donte Lemar Wise, 27, 6 Coates Ave., $50,000

•Georgia Marie Murphy, 44, 409 Denver St., bond amount unavailable

•Katie Lynn White, 21, of 6 Coates Ave., $10,000

•Linda Moon, no age or address available, $5,000

Four alleged offenders remain at large. Police said they could not be located yesterday. The suspects are:

•Derrick Myers, 37, 1503 Belmont St.

•Dawn Steele, 28, whose last known address is 109 E. Laurel Ave., which has burned

•Joni Williams, 42, whose last known address is 1202 Highland Ave.

•Joshua Lovely, 23, 797 Court St.

New Castle Police Chief Tom Sansone said those arrested are alleged low-level street dealers. Their arrests are the result of a six-month investigation into the distribution, sales and possession of controlled substances — primarily crack cocaine and marijuana, he said.

Police used confidential informants, undercover officers and surveillance to lead them to the alleged dealers.

A search warrant executed yesterday at a home in Union Township yielded a semiautomatic handgun, ammunition and drug paraphernalia, police said.

“We’re pretty excited about this,” Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo said. “We started this investigation as soon as I got into office.”

One of the focal points of the probe was Crestview Gardens, where traditionally a lot of the city’s drug dealing has occurred, he said.

“Hopefully we put a dent into the drug traffic there.”

New Castle Mayor Wayne Alexander also cited the detail as a victory in curbing the drug trade in the city and surrounding areas.

“We will continue to make arrests and to execute outstanding warrants on drug offenders until New Castle is cleaned up.”

About 20 officers participated. Assisting New Castle police in the arrests were Union, New Wilmington and Bessemer departments, the Northwest Lawrence Regional Police, and the Pennsylvania Office of Probation and Parole.

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