Venango County Sheriff deputy Rob O'Polka escorts Gary F. Felasco to the Venango County jail after he was sentenced this morning. — Erica Mihok/NEWS

Gary Felasco was sentenced to one to seven years and ordered to make restitution of more than a half-million dollars.

The sentence on four theft-related charges was issued this morning and will be served in a state prison. It includes seven years of concurrent probation.

The three-term Lawrence County treasurer was arrested last fall, accused of stealing tax money from his office.

The now-former treasurer also pleaded guilty to charges resulting from the theft of a certificate of deposit belonging to the National Association of Wolves.

In addition, Felasco pleaded guilty to an outstanding ethics law violation stemming from illegal placement of stays on tax-delinquent properties, including his.

Sentencing on those two charges was merged with the others.

Felasco was ordered to pay $514,658 in restitution and $77,526 in prosecution costs.

Felasco was removed as county treasurer by an order prepared by the state attorney general’s office and approved by Visiting Senior Judge Michael J. Wherry.

Wherry also ordered that Felasco’s pension contributions be frozen and stipulated that money and his treasurer’s bond, be designated as sources to pay his restitution.

Before sentencing, Felasco said, “I apologize to ... the citizens of Lawrence County. I hope the court will impose whatever sentence it sees fit so that I can someday become a productive member of society.”

Deputy Attorney General Anthony Krastek, the prosecutor, said, “We felt vindicated by the verdict. We were very happy we were able to get over $500,000 paid back to Lawrence County.”

Attorney James Ross of Beaver County defended Felasco during the five-day trial in May.

The News is working on this developing story. Check back tomorrow for full details.

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