Graduation events for New Castle High School’s Class of 2019 began with baccalaureate at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 6 at St. Vincent DePaul Parish. Commencement will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 8 at the high school.

This year’s valedictorians are Nicolette Pierce, daughter of James and Nikki Jo Pierce and Stephanie Heaney, and Arielle Recchione, daughter of Louis Recchione and Kimberly Koller-Jones. The Class of 2019 honor student is Matthew Moore, son of Stephen Moore and Sandra Bucci Moore.

The class motto is “Cherish yesterday, live for today, and reach for tomorrow.” “I Lived” by One Republic is the class song.

The senior class trip to Cedar Point took place June 5. Prom was May 10 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Senior class advisor is Diana Rankin and student council advisor is Becky Saymansky.

The tentative list, as of June 4, 2019, of the New Castle High School Class of 2019 includes: Aiden Abraham, Emily Alfera, Taylor Alter, Timothy Arroyo, Amanda Arvelo, Derek Ayres, Destiny Balog, Virginia Barnhart, Gabrielle Bartle, Joshua Bartley, Jada Bell, Trevor Bellian, Corie Benson, Paige Bethune, Jennifer Betz, Jacob Billyk Jr., Katherine Bonyak,

Kali Booker, Antwan Boudrey Jr., Shannon Brommer, Alexis Brophy, Connor Brown, Dayona Brown, Evan Brown, Angel Burley, Donte Burnett, John Bussard, Zachary Cameron, Wendy Campbell, Antonio Carnell, Brayden Cartwright, Raven Chappell, Aliana Christian, Andrew Ciavarino, Zachary Cindric, Anautika Clark, Emily Cline, Autumn Collier,

Andre Corbin, Mason Cotelesse, Drew Cox, Martha Crawford, Mysonne Cuffie, Perry Cummins, David Cumo Jr., Nicole D’Ambrosia, Antonio Dattilo, Sydney DePaolo, Ashley Dericco, Gabriella DeRosa, Manny DiPietro, Angelina Domenick, Brittany Duffield, Gage Duncan, Patrick Eakin, Leonard Eggleston, Abigail Fenske, Justine Fierros, 

Alani Florence, Lindsay Frabotta, Joshua Gelsomini, Thomas George, Matthew Gibson, Katlynn Gilmore, Alexis Gish, Grace Goodlin, Sydney Gosseck, Jessica Grannis, Jacob Grippo, Elysa Groves, Anthony Haben, Hunter Haering, Timothy Hall Jr., Aaron Harper, Alexis Hawkins, Ryan Hiler, Jenna Hill, Robert Hill, Timothy Hill, Devin Hobbs,

Dante Hoffmaster, Mercedes Hunter, Bailey Jacoby, Audrey Jevcak, Keishawn Johnson, Marlee Jones, Samantha Jones, Joshua Kildoo, Trenton Kimbrough Jr., Breana King, Victoria Kobbe, Brittanie Lane, Janaya Lane, McKenna Lawrence, Alan Lewis, La’Morea Lewis, Michael Long Jr., Dejanae Lyles, Austin Magliocca, Antonio Mangino,

Kobby Markin, McKayla McCaslin, Armani McKnight, Brandie McKnight, Kirkland Messner, John Micco, Robert Milone, Mehki Mitchell, Matthew Moore, Raymond Moore, Nicholas Morell, Anthony Morgan, Emlyn Murphy, Jason Myers Jr., Quintin Napier, Angelina Natale, La’Sonia Norris, Michael Occhibone, Aaliyah Oquendo, Kimani Palmer, Nicholas Papa,

Michael Patrick, D’Angelo Paxtot, Allerhez Payne, Carl Penwell, Alydia Perkins, Nicolette Pierce, Jared Prejsnar, Payne Prowell, Jasilyn Rankin, Sophia Rapone, Arielle Recchione, Imoni Reed, Sophia Reider, Dayuna Reitnauer, Dominic Rice, Timothy Rice, Terrell Richards, Julian Rosser, Connie Rotar, Demetri Ruby, Isaiah Ruffley, Daeja Rushton,

Hailey Ryhal, Alyssa Salem, Joseph Salem, Tori Salem, Devin Sams, Amber Savage, Kattie Savage, Abby Schaubroeck, Matthew Senchak, Mariya Serhiyenko (foreign exchange student), Jonathan Sibeto, Marc Sloan, Anthony Smolnik, Vincent Soukovich, Jahira Stepney, Dorian Stewart, Joshua Stewart, Shania Stimmell, Braden Stillwagon,

Charlyze Stone, Megan Thomas, Joshua Thomason, James Thompson, Stephanie Toy, Brandon Trover, Robert Turner-Cobb Jr., Olivia Valenti, Andreus Walker, Owen Waller-Ellis, Theo Weaver, Annalynn Wharry, Alazia Williams, Jacob Wilson, Adrian Wise, Justin Yokes and Wade Zak.

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