The Mohawk Area School District opened its doors to 87 students last week grades kindergarten through seen for a three-day STEAM camp.

This year’s theme was “Lost in Space!”

Twenty-six staff members and teachers prepared lessons that introduced and incorporated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students rotated through nine hands-on sessions.

Mohawk first offered the STEAM camp in 2011, and since then more than 600 students have attended the annual summer camp Dr. Lorree Houk, assistant to the superintendent, reported. Theresa McConnell, director of technology at Mohawk, organized and coordinated this year’s camp.

“I like seeing my friends and learning about space,” second-grader Maizie Anderton said. “Today my favorite was building a constellation house with Mr. Castor.”

Ryan Castor helped students use gDrawings and a laser engraver to create star projectors that each student took home.

At the end of the third day, parents were able to hear a brief presentation about each session in which their child participated. Students presented their asteroid launchers and their Spin Art Stars.

This year’s sessions are listed below along with the staff that presented each session. Miss Kendall and Mrs. Pastore assisted with numerous groups.

Session 1: Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Peterson, and Miss Izzo, Astronaut Training Program. Students completed activities involving the distance and size of the planets.

Session 2: Miss Chisholm, Mrs. Fracul, and Mrs. Bailey, Space Lander. Students designed and built a shock-absorbing lander to protect two aliens landing on Earth.

Session 3: Miss Kari and Marsha Percic from the Bessemer Library. Creating Moon Rovers using Meeper Bots and Legos that will collect items (ping pong balls, marbles, etc.). The Meeper Bots are the vehicles with wheels that you can build on with Legos. The vehicles are then controlled with an app. The kids will also build obstacle courses for the Meeper Bots and will have to navigate the course.

Session 4: Mrs. Shimrack, Mrs. Anderton, and Miss Maravola created a “moon maze” and made astronaut ice cream.

Session 5: Miss Maiorano and Mr. Best created Space Telescopes.

Session 6: Mr. McNeish, Miss McCready and Mrs. Snyder conducted Bottle Rocket launching and Astronaut Transportation.

Session 7: Mrs. McCombie and Mrs. Murphy facilitated launching an asteroid and building a parachute for an alien.

Session 8: Mr. Castor, Mrs. Simari-Zarlingo and Mrs. Miller made Star Projectors created by students using gDrawings and laser engraver.

Session 9: Mrs. Pagley, Mrs. Maravola, and Mrs. Quear offered Galaxy Stars (using spin art machine and paint). Students worked together in a group to create spin art stars.

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