The Mohawk Area School Board this week approved a Homestead/Farmstead exclusion that will lower property taxes by $171.84.

The district will receive $482,962.56 from the Commonwealth under Act 1 Homestead/Farmstead Exemption Program, which is funded through the distribution of a portion of gaming funds provided from taxes on the slots/casinos.

It is required to return this funding to the taxpayers by reducing the assessed value for those that have applied for and been approved for the exclusion.

The Mohawk district has 2,895 approved Homestead/Farmstead applications, according to business manager/board secretary Kimberly Eaton.

She explained that each applicant tax payer will receive a reduction of approximately $11,958 in their assessed value which translates to about $171.84.

The board also:

•Approved a 5-cent increase for the school lunch program. Elementary students will pay $2 per day for lunches and junior0senior high school students will pay $2.15 per day. Adult lunch rate will remain at $3.50 per day.

•Approved Dr. Joseph Gallo as school physician trough June 30, 2020 at the rate of $9,000

•Contracted with Cray Youth and Family services to reserve five slots at the Cray Education Center for the 2019-20 school year for $130,000 and an additional five slots at Cray Challenges (special education_ for $64,792 for the upcoming school year.

•Extended the contract with Capable Kids for occupational physical therapy for special education students for the 2019-20 school year.

•Agreed to accept a student from the Union Area School District as a student to participate in the agricultural education program.

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