Allegheny Mineral Corporation has some more work to do if it hopes to have its application for a 252-acre surface mine in Slippery Rock Township approved.

The state Department of Environment Protection has sent an additional elevated review letter to the firm, citing issues that must be corrected. This is on top of an initial deficiency letter sent July 29, for which the Kittanning-based mining company and until Aug. 12 to reply. Allegheny Mineral filed for the permit in March.

According to Tom Decker, the community relations coordinator for the DEP in Meadville, the company sent its response to the department's initial letter prior to the deadline, and now has until Sept. 20 to reply with corrections to issues outlined in the second one.

According to Decker, the department is preparing a comment response document that will be issued to local residents who spoke at a public meeting on July 30 at Moraine State Park, as well as to those who mailed in letters with their comments or objections. The document will be sent to homes "in the near future."

"The comment response document is a listing of the most pertinent questions/comments that were raised during the public comment," Decker said in an email. "This included comments that were written in before and after the public meeting and the comments made at the meeting itself. The document will provide answers or comments that were given either during the meeting or as reviewed by the DEP staff."

According to Decker, there are 60 comments and questions that will be addressed in the document.

The company listed three variances in its application, sparking outrage among residents in the potential mining area. They called upon the township supervisors a week before letters with comments and objections were due to be submitted to the department to send a letter on their behalf to ask that the variances be denied.

The variances listed are:

•Six stream encroachments on the unnamed tributaries.

•Direct impact on emergent wetland, scrub-shrub wetlands and forested wetlands.

•A mitigation development plan to include scrub-shrub wetlands and forested wetlands.


Maria Basileo is a news reporter. She covers Laurel and Shenango school boards and municipal government.

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