A Slippery Rock Township man is wanted for allegedly beating up a man with help from a motorcycle gang.

Shenango Township police have charged 35-year-old Matthew Ross Hinkle in connection with the alleged assault, which police say occurred around midnight Feb. 8 outside of Six Packs Bar and Grill at 3708 Ellwood Road.

The man was treated at the Ellwood City hospital for his injuries. Hospital personnel called 911 to alert the police about the incident, according to police reports.

The victim told police Hinkle struck him with a beer bottle outside the tavern, breaking two of his teeth.

He told police that he and a friend had gone to the bar on Feb. 7 and upon entering they saw about 10 people whom they recognized as members of a motorcycle group called the Boneheads. He said Hinkle, who was among them, asked his name, then walked away. Later on, Hinkle approached him and accused him of stealing a dirt bike from his house, the victim said.

The man told police he worded for a company active in digging and installing gas lines and had been working in the area where Hinkle lives. He said he somehow was blamed for the bike theft, he told police.

The victim told police he had informed Hinkle he did not take the bike, and Hinkle invited him outside to discuss the matter further.

Once outside, the man said, he saw four or five members of the Boneheads standing there. He told police they held him down while Hinkle got on top of him, punched him a few times and hit him in the face with a beer bottle.

Hinkle is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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