PHILADELPHIA — A man was fatally shot in a dispute over a dance contest in which his teenage stepson hit another boy while performing flailing dancing moves.

Police charged Patricia Hayward, 39, the mother of the boy who was hit, with murder and related counts on Tuesday. Hayward surrendered to authorities at her lawyer’s office downtown.

Donald Clyburn, 41, was shot in the head a few feet from his home in the city’s Kensington neighborhood last week.

The dispute started when, during an impromptu neighborhood dance-off Nov. 15, Clyburn’s stepson was performing dance moves and struck another boy with his elbow, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Tuesday.

Alex Ledino said it was an accident and that he apologized. They continued to dance until the other boy ran home.

Hayward, the other boy’s mother, knocked on the Clyburns’ screen door about 15 minutes later, said Alex’s mother, Angela Clyburn.

“I invited her in. She told me that her son told her (Alex) punched him,” Angela Clyburn told the newspaper. She said she talked to others about what happened and was told it was an accident.

Two mothers argued, and Hayward made a gesture of pulling a trigger and said, “My son has bigger brothers that play with those things,” according to Clyburn.

Hayward later returned to the house with a large group and used a knife to try to cut through the screen door, said Clyburn, who called 911. She said Hayward tried to get her to come out and fight and eventually pulled out a gun and broke a window.

Police arrived and the crowd dispersed. But the group came back after the officers left and Hayward was holding a gun, Clyburn said.

“All I did see was my husband drop,” she said. “I see the lady pull the trigger and see my husband drop.”

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