Marquan Payne

Marquan Payne

 An East Side man is in police custody after he allegedly fired shots Tuesday at a group of people that  included a 1-year-old on New Castle's lower North Hill.

New Castle police on Wednesday evening arrested Marquan Lee Payne, 20, of East Lutton Street, in connection with the gunfire on Cuba Street, after he was identified by witnesses at the scene and through a surveillance video.

No injuries were reported. However, a bullet went through the front window of a house on Cuba Street and another one struck a car that was nearby, according to a police report.

Payne is in the Lawrence County jail on $250,000 bond, charged with five counts each of attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering other persons.

City police chief Bobby Salem said Thursday that his officers worked on the case throughout the day. They learned that Payne had gone to a house in Shenango Township, which is where they found him and arrested him. They served a search warrant on that house late Wednesday and found a gun that they believe he used in the shooting, Salem said. 

The police believe he is a possible suspect in various other random shootings in various areas of the city recently, Salem said.

According to a criminal complaint filed against Payne, the police received a report around 7:40 p.m. Tuesday of shots having been fired in the Lincoln projects. A woman told police she witnessed Payne firing a gun. She said she, another woman, two men and a 1-year-old child were standing on the sidewalk on Cuba Street at Marquetta Lane near a two-door gold vehicle. She said that a silver car approached from Wick Avenue and turned onto Cuba Street, and Payne was the passenger, the report said. As it drove by, the man who was with her dove onto the passenger seat of his own car. The silver car stopped and Payne reached out the window and started shooting, she reportedly told police.

The woman said she dove on top of the child to protect her and the silver car left. 

Police reported that video surveillance footage of the incident shows Payne hanging his head out of the window of a silver Hyundai, holding a gun. The officers collected shell casings from the street where the shooting allegedly occurred.

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