A North Beaver Township man is accused of sexually assaulting a brother and sister more than eight years ago.

Andrew David Perry, 23, of Cleland Mill Road was a teenager at the time of the offenses. Pennsylvania State Police said he will be tried as an adult.

Perry surrendered himself to District Judge Jerry G. Cartwright at 10:15 a.m. yesterday. He is in the Lawrence County jail on bonds of $7,500 and $2,500.

A school seminar on sexual assault held last year prompted the girl to tell her school counselor and mother what had happened. The mother then told her son, who broke down crying.

“When asked if Andrew Perry ever did anything to him, he shook his head ‘yes,’ ” according to the criminal complaint.

The mother then contacted authorities. The report said the siblings did not know the other had been molested.

A child advocacy specialist with Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh initially interviewed the pair in December. The case was handed over to the state police.

Police said Perry was approximately 14 to 15 years old when the assaults first occurred in January 2002.

The girl, now 15, was victimized from age 7 through 10 when she visited her father’s home in Wampum. Perry was living in the household, police said.

The incidents escalated over time — from inappropriate touching to attempted intercourse.

“I told him to stop ... and then he heard my dad coming downstairs and then he turned on the TV,” she told police. “After my dad went back upstairs, he told me if I told anyone he would kill me and that he would hurt me.”

In the case involving the girl, Perry is charged with the following felony offenses: criminal attempt to commit rape of a child; criminal attempt to commit statutory sexual assault; criminal attempt to commit sexual assault; and aggravated indecent assault. He faces misdemeanor counts of indecent assault and indecent exposure.

Her 17-year-old brother was 9 years old when he was assaulted between January and December of 2002 at his father’s house.

The youth told investigators he had tried to forget the incident.

Perry was charged in the above case with sexual assault, felony; involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, felony; and indecent assault, misdemeanor.

His preliminary hearing is set for 9:30 a.m. Sept. 29.

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