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A woman suffered multiple cuts when she accepted a ride with another woman who robbed her and slashed her with a knife, according to an account that she told the police.

New Castle police arrested Stacy Rice, 51, of 755 Lathrop St., and charged her with attempted criminal homicide in connection with the altercation that was reported to have occurred around 7:50 p.m. Friday near the intersection of East Lutton and Summon streets on the city's East Side.

According to a criminal complaint, the police were called to the 400 block of Lathrop Street, where the injured woman had bleeding cuts on her chest, neck and left hand. She was sitting near a curb, and a teal-colored knife and screwdriver were on the ground nearby. She told police she had the pocketknife in her purse.

She said that Rice, driving a teal-colored Ford Focus, had picked her up at her home on Croton Avenue, and she sat in the back seat of Rice's car. Rice drove around the upper East Side of the city and drove to a back alley near Summit Street, the woman told police. She said that Rice then crawled into the back seat and held a knife to her neck and threatened to kill her if she struggled, according to the paperwork.

The woman told police that she tried to get away from Rice, who was trying to stab her with a long knife, and that several strikes cut her. The woman said she finally got free and got out of the car, then Rice grabbed her and held her against the side of the vehicle, the complaint states.

The woman said she was struggling to get away from Rice, and Rice held the knife to her neck and threatened again to kill her if she tried to escape. She said she tried to take the knife away from Rice, and suffered several more cuts on her hand. She said she broke free and ran to the back yard of a house on Lutton Street, and Rice and another female front-seat passenger in her car left. 

The woman told police that during the struggle, Rice stole about $300 in cash, several suboxone lingual strips and a wallet containing several debit and credit cards, the report said.

The woman was treated by ambulance personnel, then taken to a hospital. 

The police went to Rice's house and arrested her. She additionally is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, three counts of robbery, and one count each of unlawful restraint, terroristic threats and simple assault.

She was arraigned by District Judge Jerry G. Cartwright, who committed her to the Lawrence County jail on $100,000 bond.

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