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A Mahoningtown woman is facing charges after a New Castle police officer found a malnourished dog inside of a house where she was staying last month.

The police reported they were following up a narcotics complaint at 102 E. Wabash Ave. around 11:30 p.m. Sept. 26 after learning from the property manager that a dog was inside with no food or water, according to a criminal complaint.

The police also learned that Aqueelah Williams, 28, was staying there and had no lease agreement, and the manager had left a note for her saying that she wanted to do a property check. The manager said she entered the house and found it to have animal feces and urine throughout, and the dog was inside.

The investigating officer said that as he got as far as the door, the property owner took the dog to the door to take it outside and the officer could see its ribs and hip bones protruding. The dog was taken to the Lawrence County Humane Society after unsuccessful attempts to contact Williams, the complaint states.

The paperwork states that the police have records showing that Williams had picked up a brown pit bull puppy on Oct. 9, 2018, that had been left in an apartment at Sky View Towers, and that Williams at the time had provided the Wabash Avenue residence as her address. The police believe that puppy is the same dog that was taken from the Wabash Avenue house last month, according to the report.

The Humane Society contacted the police by email on Sept. 26 saying that a veterinarian found other minor health issues with the dog. The veterinarian took care of its health issues and prescribed a certain diet until the dog, deemed to be underweight, regains its strength, police reported.

Williams is charged with one count of cruelty to animals and two counts of neglect of animals. She was sent a certified summons to appear in court on the charges.

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