A West Pittsburg woman is accused of insurance fraud for allegedly reporting a false accident with a deer and providing other fraudulent information to her insurance company.

The state Office of the Attorney General has filed charges against Michele R. Hill, 33, of 119 Center Ave., for the allegedly false claims that began on Jan. 8 and days after that. Hill is charged with insurance fraud and criminal attempt at theft, both felony offenses.

According to a criminal complaint, an insurance fraud investigator reported that Hill tried to file a claim for hitting a deer on Dec. 22, 2016. She was told her policy was liability only, and she did not have comprehensive or collision insurance.

Hill called her insurance company, Progressive Insurance, later that day and added the comprehensive and collision coverage to her vehicle policy. Then she contacted the company on Jan. 8 and reported that she struck two deer on her way to work on Jan. 8, the complaint states.

On Jan. 8, during a recorded statement, Hill told the insurance company there had been no previous damage to her car before Jan. 8 and that she had to call off work Jan. 8 because of the deer accident.

The investigator contacted the company where Hill worked on April 14 and learned that she did not work on Jan. 8 and was not scheduled to work, and that she was absent on Jan. 9 and 10, according to the report.

The investigators reported that during questioning, Hill admitted that she never had a second accident and that she added the extra insurance coverage after her car was damaged.

She was arraigned by District Judge Melissa A. Amodie, who released her on a nonmonetary bond, pending her preliminary hearing.

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