Who are these survey people, anyway?

So, did you celebrate World Social Media Day last weekend? 

Sunday was the official celebration of all things sharing, poking, private messaging and tweeting. I wrote about it in last week’s column. Yes, I know I waste a lot of time scrolling, refreshing and scrolling again and have effectively wasted your time by telling you about it. 

Recently, though, I heard a report on the radio which said millennials — the generation of people everyone loves to hate —  are increasingly unhappy with their grandparents’ social media habits. In a survey — there’s always a survey — polling 500 grandkids between 18 and 34, respondents want to sever cyber ties with their grandparents for reasons ranging from talking too much about private family issues, commenting on appearance like with clothes or weight, trying to be friends with their friends and going “emoji crazy.”

That’s so not flame emoji, grandma. 

There’s already a bit of uneasiness that can come with being asked at the family Thanksgiving dinner if and why you’re still not in a relationship, but I can’t imagine the type of awkward conversation that might arise if I asked my grandma to pass the gravy only for her to bring up the fact I unfriended her on Facebook. My maternal grandma always gifted me a few dollars if I had a good report card in school, so I’m sure there would be room on my friend list for her.

By the way, what’s the going rate for straight A’s these days? 

The next time these Survey People are out, I have a few suggestions for studies that don’t include purging your family from your friends list, even if they do type in all capital letters. 

In true New Castle fashion, fireworks lit up the sky from dawn until dusk and beyond on the Fourth of July. Maybe the Survey People can go around the city and ask these people what the thought process is of setting off fireworks during daylight. I understand man’s natural need to set fire and blow things up, but in my mind it’s not a good use of whatever a firework costs at one of those tents or in the store. 

Back to social media really quickly. Can the Survey People also please ask around why humans have an obsession of taking photos and videos of fireworks and then posting them to social media? I’ll admit, I tried to get some shots on my phone this year. Why? I don’t know. My fireworks photos probably look just the same as everyone else’s. I’ve never been sitting around feeling nostalgic and thought to go through my phone to find an exact firework photo to remind me of a certain summer evening. Most of them are blurry anyway, right? 

As you might be able to figure out, I have a lot of questions. The Survey People seem to be really good at coming up with answers to questions no one is asking. 

Maybe with their next zany questionnaire, the Survey People will give me a few new answers. 

And for everything else, Google will have to do. 

(Pete Sirianni is the New Castle News digital editor. Email him at psirianni@ncnewsonline.com.)

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