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A trade show at a previous New Castle High Business Week allows teams to show their product and how they marketed it.

Volunteers are being sought for the 2022 Lawrence County Business Week to take place Monday through Friday at New Castle High School.

The program teaches teams of high school students how to manage companies for an entire week, through a business simulation. Students learn how to manage finances, execute effective advertising campaigns and work together in teams to achieve success.

The program culminates with five competitions at the end of the week, in advertising, stockholders, trade show, return on net assets and the top company.

Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System, a nonprofit organization that oversees the program, is seeking four volunteers from the business world to volunteer as judges for the event from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Sept. 16.

No experience is necessary. ACES representatives will review anything the judges need to know before the event.

ACES also has a few slots open for anyone who wants to volunteer as a stockholder or marketing judge for Sept. 17 competitions, from 7:40 to 10:40 a.m.

Anyone interest is asked to contact Stacy Bartholomew, ACES executive director, at, or call (814) 456-7007, for more information.

The Pennsylvania Business Week was developed in 1997 by the Manufacturer and Business Association in conjunction with Ft. LeBoeuf High School.

The program in 1999 was turned over to ACES, which promotes the understanding of free market economics to students, teachers and the public through partnerships between the business and education communities.

Business Week is important because economics education is not a required course of study in the Pennsylvania public education system. High school students, thus, are graduating without an understanding of how the American economic system functions and how they can play a critical role in participating in and preserving that system, according to a news release.

Business Week provides all students with an opportunity to learn the information by taking the program to the classrooms.

More information about the event is available online at

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