Fixing reported storm water problems in Ridgewood Court could cost around $325,000, according to one Shenango Township supervisor.

Supervisor Brandon Rishel presented the potential cost Thursday in response to a group of neighborhood residents who attended last month’s meeting looking for answers.

“There were a lot of questions in regards to Ridgewood Court,” Rishel said. “I’ll be very brief since the majority of the people, of course, aren’t back after all of this.”

More than 20 residents, most of whom were from Ridgewood Court, attended last month’s supervisor’s meeting to seek a remedy for their storm water issues.

After having a month to prepare and walk the affected community with architects and engineers, Rishel explained that the opening of just the stream beds could cost upward of $325,000.

“I will make sure that I personally go and hand out this information to them (residents who attended last month’s meeting), so that they can see the cost of what they’re asking for,” Rishel said.

“They feel that everybody in our community should foot that bill for their properties. That (the price estimate) doesn’t include all of the roadway ditching we would have to do after we reopened each one of the those ditch ways and waterways.”

The township would also need to get easements from every homeowner in order to work on their private property. According to Rishel, multiple residents have indicated they will not sign one. Rishel said they will need easements before they can apply for any grants that may help cover some of the costs.

Rishel said the residents asked the township to install pipes, but that the township engineer wouldn’t give them a price because it was “absurd.”

“The number one thing is property owners in our community have to have some reality to them,” Rishel said. “If you’re paying $250 to $350 a year in township tax, I don’t know how you think we’re going to do a $325,000 project in your backyard.

“We have a monumental task. It’s all on private property. I don’t know what this community wants to do with it.”

Also at the meeting, supervisors announced that the Shenango Township Police Department will be responding to calls in South New Castle Borough beginning at 7 a.m. Monday.

They also approved:

•A motion to accept the resignation of TJ Keiran as the Shenango Township zoning officer and public works director, and appoint Justin Data as his replacement.

•A motion to purchase a 11-foot Falls Plow from U.S. Municipal of Evans City for $9,649.

•General fund expenses totaling $89,814.27.

•Fire tax fund expenses totaling $5,090.96.

•Payroll fund expenses totaling $89,185.76.

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