Stacey Fleo

Every time Stacey Fleo appears on the ballot, she gets the most votes.

Tuesday was no exception. Fleo won her third four-year term as the top vote-getter for the New Castle Area School Board with an unofficial total of 2,649 votes.

"I've been the No. 1 vote-getter now for the third time," she said last night. 'I'm pleased but surprised because sometimes when you're in office you make enemies."

However, Fleo, an incumbent nominated by both parties, said she will continue to do what is best for the city's children and community.

"If I can put my head down on the pillow at night and know that I've done the right thing, that's good," she said.

Also returning are Karen Humphrey, also an incumbent and nominated by both parties, with 2,473 votes and Anna Pascarella, an incumbent nominated by both parties, garnered 2,347 votes. All votes are unofficial.

Norman Moses, nominated as a Republican, came in fourth with 1,917 votes and Tracey Rankin, nominated as a Democrat, and Beth Barber, nominated as a Republican, tied for fifth place with 1,915 votes.

"What do you do in case of a tie?" Barber asked. "Have the absentee votes been counted yet? That could change things. I'll wait for that."

Rankin had the same thought.

"If it's meant to be that I'm elected I will welcome the opportunity," she said. "If not, and even if I am elected, I will continue to work for the children and the city."

Moses, with a two-vote lead, also asked about absentee ballots.

"It's inconclusive," he said of the unofficial tally. "The absentee ballots could change the numbers."

Moses said he did not want to be premature and celebrate victory.

"But I wish the five who made it, which could include me, the best of luck and hope they do the right thing for the students and taxpayers," he said.

Other candidates in the race were former superintendent and long-time board member George J. Gabriel, incumbent, nominated as a Democrat, with an unofficial tally of 1,899 votes and Jesse Moss, who ran as an Independent, with an unofficial 1,726 votes.

All of the elected school directors will take office at their respective district's school board reorganizational meetings on Dec. 2.

Other unofficial results for local school board races are as follows:

•Ellwood City Area School Board (tallied with Beaver County results) — Incumbent Jennifer Tomon and Jean Biehls, both nominated by both parties, apparently tied for first place, with both getting 1,699 votes. Other apparent winners are Erica Sutkowski Gray, incumbent, earned 1,515 votes; Gary Rozanski, a Democrat, earned 1,462 votes and Leroy J. Cortez, incumbent Republican, finished with 1,448 votes.

Other candidates are Danielle Woodhead, an incumbent, with 1,395 votes and Kathleen Pansera, a Democrat, finished with 1,035 votes.

•Laurel School District — All announced candidates won positions with Justin Kirkwood, incumbent, the top vote-getter with 1,335 votes; Bobby Dicks earned 1,225 votes; Korie Enscoe received 1,218 votes; Mike Parker earned 1,158 votes and Jim McGee finished with 1,131 votes.

•Mohawk Area School District — The apparent top vote-getter was Sherry J. Patton with 1,573 votes; James McKim, incumbent, received 1,480 votes; Mark G. Solley, incumbent, who is a Republican, received 1,471 votes; Ed Retort Jr. received 1,412 votes; and Mark E. Hiler, incumbent, earned 1,290 votes. Mark D. Pezzuolo, a Democrat, received 1,100 votes.

•Neshannock Township School Board — Kelly Corey led with 1,908 votes; Autumn Schachern received 1,736 votes; Matt Allison earned 1,650 votes; Mark A. Hasson came in with 1,624 votes; and Michael Vatter, a Republican, received 1,615 votes. Also running was Melissa Fuleno Johnson, an incumbent Democrat, who received 1,138 votes.

•Shenango Area School Board — Long-time board member Sam B. Biasucci, an incumbent, led with 1,208 votes; Jeana Colella received 1,185 votes; and tying for third place were Randy Angelucci, an incumbent, and Merle A. Glass, also an incumbent, with 1,146 votes. John Colella, a Republican, received 1,133 votes. Also on the ballot was Andrea Keyser, an incumbent and Democrat, with 782 votes. Republican Albert D. Burick Jr. is the apparent winner of a two-year term with 1,124 votes, while Keyser finished with 739 votes.

•Union Area School District — Elizabeth Ann Sylvester, an incumbent, received the most votes with 863; Robert C. Mrozek, also an incumbent, received 849 votes; John S. Pacella, an incumbent, earned 793 votes; Michael F. Hink, also an incumbent, finished with 772 votes; and John A. Bertolino, an incumbent, received 769 votes.

•Wilmington Area School District, (tallied with Mercer County results) — Kathryn Kathy Riley, an incumbent and Republican, was the top vote-getter with 1,586 votes; Carol Shaw Harris, an incumbent, received 1,542 votes; Juliana Ochs, an incumbent, garnered 1,418 votes; Vanessa M. Russo received 1,414 votes; and Nancy Phillips earned 1,388 votes. Carol Shaw Harris received 1,944 votes for a two-year term.

•Blackhawk School District, which a portion is located in Lawrence County, and tallied with Beaver County results included) — Rachel Cline received 1,035 votes and John L. Battaglia Sr. received 937 votes.


Nancy Lowry is a reporter at the New Castle News. Email her at

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