The Pulaski Township supervisors have made their list.

Now they're waiting for the Lawrence County commissioners to play Santa Clause and deliver $35,000 in liquid fuels money for 2006.

"The commissioners have been generous in the past and provided us with funds," Supervisor Chairman Lewis Grell said.

He noted the township roads are in need of repair.

"We have not abandoned our roads," he said. "We held off on ... much-needed road repairs while we put in the sewers. We didn't think it right to fix the streets then dig them up again for the sewers."

Pine Glenn Road tops the list, he said, adding the township's request will be sent to the commissioners this week.

In anticipation that funds are forthcoming, the supervisors transferred $10,000 to their road construction account.

The supervisors expect to send 2005 out in a blaze when they have their final meeting at 8 p.m. Dec. 28.

They plan to present the final version of the township burning ordinance which has been discussed for several months.

Grell said an air pollution ordinance draft was received from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. It was sent to township solicitor Richard Harper with suggestions added by the supervisors.

"We're planning a fairly liberal ordinance," Grell said. "It will allow people to burn on their property, to have recreational and ceremonial fires and to burn leaves.

"It will not allow people to burn in the street. That is the problem we are having, especially in Pulaski."

"We just don't want people burning toxic materials or wet leaves or grass that smolder," Supervisor Tom Gates noted.

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