Mark Bucci gets excited when he talks about July 31.

That is the expected completion date for the Hess Ice Rink expansion project, Bucci, Neshannock Township’s director of parks and recreation, told The News on Wednesday.

“It has been going good,” Bucci said of the construction process. “We got off to a slow start, but it is really going pretty quick right now. Things are starting to develop fast.”

Bucci said construction is closing in on the halfway point. Currently, the skeleton of the locker room expansion is in place.

“In the next couple of weeks that is going to change,” Bucci said. “They are working on the roof, right now, and the remaining walls and the floor in the next two weeks.

Once that happens all the trades can get to work and things will move quickly.”

Bucci said the only setback came at the “very beginning” of the project “with some engineering issues.”

“Other than that, the only real setbacks have been weather-related,” Bucci said. “(The weather) hasn’t been a major factor, but it has made it a little tough. It would have been better being snow, but the rain makes it harder to get the exterior work done.”

“I can’t wait until we are all done. I am really excited for when that day will come.”

The expansion at the ice rink is part of a $6 million bond the township signed in 2019. The expansion at the rink includes the construction of a locker room facility and meeting rooms and offices, in addition to adding more parking.

The rink expansion carries a price tag of $3.689 million, and Giordano Construction of New Castle is performing the rink upgrades at a cost of $2.45 million. McCurley Houston Electric of New Castle is handling electrical services at a cost of $252,500. D.J. Hannon and Sons Inc. is handling the plumbing at a cost of $538,105, and Central Heating and Plumbing is handing the HVAC at a cost of $447,800.

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