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MICHAEL ROKNICK | Herald Students flooded out of Case Avenue Elementary School in Sharon after being in lockdown for much of the day. Sharon School District placed all four of its school buildings on lockdown Tuesday morning after threatening phone calls to the middle high school. Around 11:20 a.m., the middle high school received a call saying there was going to be a shooting. Sharon police were called and they started searching the middle high school and Calla put all the schools into lockdown.

SHARON — Sharon police identified a suspect in the June 1 threat agains Sharon Middle High School and filed charges in county juvenile court.

Sharon police Chief Edward H. Stabile said the juvenile — whose name, age or gender were not released — was charged in juvenile court with terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal use of a communication facility based on accusations that they made threatening phone calls to the school.

Sharon City School District officials placed all four school buildings on lockdown at about 11:20 a.m. June 1 after receiving threatening phone calls. No one was injured and police found no weapons at the school.

Superintendent Michael Calla said at the time the incident started began when a parent received a phone call warning that his daughter had been injured in a shooting at the school. The man, who knew his daughter was not injured, reported the call to the school. The district later received a threat call.

Sharon police started searching the middle high school, as Calla put all the district's schools on lockdown. The middle high school is adjacent to Case on the same block of East State Street. The lockdown applied to West Hill and Musser elementary schools, blocks away from the middle high school.

Detective Capt. Mark Hynes said police stayed until dismissal time around 3 p.m. to be sure students were gone from school and safe.

Calla said the school and police were prepared for the situation, but about 50 parents showed up at the school, demanding information or the release of their children. Parents said they had received bits and pieces of information via texting from their children or a teacher. In most cases, students are not allowed to use cell phone during school hours.

Calla posted a message on the school district’s website around 1:30 p.m. with details of the lockdown.

With parents present, several students talked of their ordeal last week. All of them said they were told there was an emergency and they had to drop to the floor and kneel. The experience lasted around 25 minutes, but one said it felt like 45 minutes.

All said they were scared.

Students said they had lunch in their classrooms, which helped relieve stress.

The district’s last day of the school year was June 3.

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