The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is investigating reports of leaking tanks at a New Wilmington gas station.

The probe by the state agency followed the death of Ada Kurtz, 25, a Mercer County Amish woman. She died Sunday of burns suffered when vapors apparently flared as she lit a wood-burning water heater at her home on June 21.

The state police said no criminal activity is suspected in the accidental death.

“I was called, but I believe DEP has jurisdiction in this,” police fire marshal Jan Wilson said.

Freda Tarbell of the DEP’s Meadville office, said the agency is determining if there had been reports of leaking tanks at Pitzer’s Gulf Service Station at 212 New Castle St., New Wilmington, where the Amish family allegedly purchased its kerosene, and at Reed Oil, which is Pitzer’s supplier.

“We are the agency that determines if fuel is leaking into the environment but we have no role beyond that. DEP is not authorized to analyze contents of the tanks,” Tarbell said.

Gary Wagner, chief of the New Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department, was at the scene of the fire. He said he believes gasoline — not kerosene — had been used to fuel the water heater.

“It was a blue plastic can marked kerosene,” he said. “But it was gasoline that was in the can.”

Wagner added he was aware of no evidence that the substance had been mixed with anything.

Wagner said Amish residents in the area have been known to “put kerosene or gasoline into whatever container they happen to have. It may not be the safest thing, but that is what they do.”

He said he believes the borough’s kerosene supply is safe.

“State officials and the oil company checked the tanks (at the service station),” he said. “If they had found a problem, they would have alerted us and the police. That has not been done.”

Wagner added, “It has been quite some time since the station received a new delivery of kerosene.”

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