New Castle man faces drug charges

Client Carrington

A New Castle man faces drug-related charges after a search warrant was executed Sunday at a Randolph Street home.

Members of the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Special Investigative Unit and the New Castle City Police Department Narcotics Unit executed the warrant at 1212 Randolph St.. where officers said they viewed a male identified as Client "Cutty" Carrington attempting to conceal items in a floor register vent. Officers also located three other adults, a 8-year-old male and a 10-year-old female inside the residence.

Upon searching the home, police said, officers found a plastic bag containing 92.6 grams of suspected heroin; a plastic bag containing 33.6 grams of suspected heroin; a plastic bag containing 43.6 grams of suspect heroin from the vent; three digital weighing scales; two bags containing suspected marijuana; a box of new stamp bags; several cell phones; miscellaneous drug paraphernalia; and $329 in cash.

While officers were conducting surveillance prior to the execution of the warrant, they reported seeing the occupants of the home leave for approximately 35 minutes while the children were left inside with the suspected narcotics and paraphernalia. Upon entry, police said, one child was on the dining room floor near the narcotics.

Carrington, 33, is being charged with three counts of possession with the intent to deliver, one count of possession, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Charges are pending against the other occupant of the residence.

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