Neshannock High School sophomore Jake Rynd had good reason and permission to skip classes on Wednesday.

Rynd along with about a dozen students from Neshannock and Wilmington high school splaced more than 2,800 American flags on veterans’ graves at four Lawrence County cemeteries for Memorial Day.

Cemeteries included Castleview Memorial Gardens in Neshannock Township, Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Union Township, Bethel United Presbyterian Church Cemetery in North Beaver Township and Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Terence Meehan, superintendent for both school districts, organized the event. The Lawrence County Veterans Affairs donated the flags.

“I have done it (posted flags) without break since being very young, as it was a project of my grandfather, Dr. John Meehan, and my father, former County Commissioner John Meehan,” Meehan said.

The participating students belong to the Superintendent’s Advisory Council.

They meet with Meehan to talk about concerns from cafeteria food to whatever else might be on their minds.

“I think there’s a lot to learn here,” he said.

Wilmington junior Evan Bailey felt the effort was a good cause.

“These are the people who have protected our freedom,” Bailey said. “I feel honored.”

Wilmington sophomore Aiden Gardner also believes posting the flags was for a good cause.

“These are the people who fought for this country and died,” Gardner said.

Brandon Phillian, director of educational services for Wilmington, asked the students to take a few moments to get to know each other.

“We’re looking forward to working with the groups collectively for this worthy cause,” Phillian said.

Before starting their project at Castleview, Meehan told the students, “Let’s make this place red, white and blue.”

They did.

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