Mohawk senior Katelyn Byers retired this year as the undisputed champion of the Lawrence County Historical Society Trivia competition.

Over the last four years, Katelyn won four Individual and three team championships. This year, she missed no questions in either category as the historical society conducted its annual trivia competition May 1 at Northminster Presbyterian Church. One hundred students from six county school districts competed in this year’s event.

Each year, students from local school districts study the history and geography of the county using the society’s deck of hundreds of facts as study guides. Over past 30 years, thousands of county students have participated in this  educational outreach program based on the game Trivial Pursuit.

Questions are updated regularly.

Society board member Stephanie Fulena coordinates and moderates the event and in recent years, the Almira Foundation has underwritten the program.

Participants this year split the $829 prize money. The 2013 winners were:

High school

Individual competition

•First — Katelyn Byers, Mohawk, who missed no questions, won $100.

•Second — Ashleigh Presnar, Shenango, missed only missed one question, won $75.

•Third — Cassandra Maas, New Castle, won $50.

•Fourth — Curtis Caughey, Union, won $25.

•Fifth — Andrew Henley, Mohawk, won $15.

Team competition

•First — Katelyn Byers and Amber Dougherty, Mohawk, three-year champs who missed no questions in this year’s competition, won $150.

•Second — A tie Ashleigh Presnar and Stephanie Presnar, Shenango, and John Maas and Cassandra Maas, New Castle, both sibling teams. They split the second and third place prizes with each team receiving $52.50.

•Fourth — Curtis Caughey and Elijah Waters, Union, won $15.

•Fifth — Andrew Henley, Michael Maravola and Shannon Verlotte, Mohawk, won $12.

Junior High

Individual competition

•First — Lydia Anderson, Shenango, won $50.

•Second — Cierra Lutz, Mohawk, won $25.

•Third — Alex Hammers, Mohawk, won $15.

•Fourth — Carly DiPietro, New Castle, won $10.

•Fifth — Angelesa Desatnik, Mohawk, won $5.

 Team competition

•First —  Dom Morell, Matt Gibson and Frank Antuono, New Castle, won $75.

•Second — Lydia Anderson and Mia Albanese, Shenango, won $45.

•Third — Jade Clark and Haley Beckman, New Castle, and Luke Aloi, Ellwood City, won $30.

•Fourth — Lexi Thompson, Sierra Johnson and Marissa Butera, New Castle, won $15.

•Fifth — Joey Pauletech, Andria Parady and Kiera Thompson, New Castle, won $12.

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