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Mohawk Area School Board unanimously approved an amended version of its school reopening plan.

"As we have emphasized in all district communications, the guidance we receive from the state and PDE has changed often and with rapidity, and we are reacting to most recent guidance and data we have at the time," Superintendent Michael Leitera said.

The amended plan included a blended learning approach that includes both in-person and remote learning. Elementary-age children and students with special needs will receive in-person learning the greatest amount of time, and grades 7 through 12 will receive instruction in the blended model. 

Some highlights of the plan include:

•All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings, per orders from Gov. Tom Wolf.

•Hallways and staircases will have one-way traffic when possible.

•Desks will face the same direction.

•Students will be prohibited from sharing materials such as a technical device for school work, as every student has his or her own. In the event a student is without materials, sanitized materials will be provided by the teacher.

•Dismissals will be staggered to aid in social distancing.

•Siblings will sit together on the school bus, and only two students will be allowed in each seat.

•Water fountains will be replaced with water bottle filling stations.

•A strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule will be created for all district facilities.

•There will be a designated isolation room for individuals who display symptoms. A doctor's excuse will be required to return to school after a 14-day quarantine. 

The first day of school is Aug. 26.

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