Mark Elisco

Mark Elisco

I believe that one of the most important questions that no one asks me is how we change the negative attitude many people may have of New Castle.

I receive questions every day on Act 47, recycling, blight, potholes and economic development. All are important questions for sure, yet people’s perceptions of our city are equally important and here is why.

As a former teacher, principal and coach, I learned that if the people around you expect to fail or expect to lose — they almost always do. Therefore, the culture of losing is part and parcel of the atmosphere and the most difficult to change. That’s because they lose a valuable characteristic — pride.

Yet, it can be done.

What I propose is aggressive leadership. That is someone who is going to be a mayor seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Today, a mayor does not need to be in the office all day. Modern technology keeps you in touch with the activities of the office.

More than ever, a mayor today needs to be visible, confident and articulate — and all the while, out into the neighborhoods, in businesses, in schools and at social events so people can voice their opinions and ideas. Today, investors do not come to to you. A mayor must seek them out and negotiate deals that are advantageous to the city and investor.

Potential investors and residents demand a mayor who they can believe will deliver a new, dynamic brand of leadership.

A leadership that demonstrates competency, professionalism and an air of confidence that people will believe our city is on a path of better times.

Finally, a mayor must — through his actions — persuade our people to begin saying good things about New Castle. When our people begin saying good things about our community, then people will believe that New Castle is a special place once again.

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