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A Shenango Township man was arrested at an accident scene Wednesday after police say he coughed on a police officer, then put his hand near the officer's face and told him he has MRSA and coronavirus, according to New Castle police.

The police have charged Matty Viggiano, 70, of 2401 Muzzy Drive in connection with the incident that reportedly involved Viggiano's car. The two-car collision occurred on North Mercer Street at Laurel Boulevard, around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday.

A report filed in a criminal complaint states that the officer confiscated a gun from Viggiano's right hip while he was struggling to arrest him.

According to the paperwork, the accident was nonreportable. A police officer on scene at the accident was approached by Viggiano, who was not involved in the accident. His car was driven by a family member, police said.

The officer advised Viggiano that the driver would be issued a stop sign violation. The officer said that after a back-and forth-exchange about it, Viggiano put his hand on his patrol car, then coughed on him and put his hand within five inches of his face.

Viggiano said, "I have MRSA and coronavirus and now you do, too," according to the report.

The officer told Viggiano he was under arrest, and Viggiano put up a struggle until the officer could handcuff him, the complaint states.

Viggiano is charged with two counts each of aggravated assault of a police officer, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct, and one count of resisting arrest. He was arraigned by District Judge Rick Russo and was released on an unsecured bond of $10,000.

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