A man accused of incessantly calling three Shenango Township teens and commenting on their feet is in jail. Former Pittsburgher Scott Michael Kundar, 31, was arrested by Panama City Police Department beach patrol officers in Florida a couple of weeks ago. He was returned to Lawrence County last week by Transcor, a prisoner-transport service, to face criminal charges. Kundar was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Tuesday in Lawrence County Central Court. However, the proceeding was continued until May 24 at the request of his attorney, assistant public defender Jean Perkins, so he can undergo psychiatric evaluation. Kundar was charged March 28 by Shenango Township police for allegedly calling three 15-year-olds at their homes, sometimes 60 times a day. He would talk abusively and threaten their parents whenever they got on the phone, police said, and indicated to the families he knows where they lived. The mother of one girl had said she believes Kundar learned the girls' identities by talking to a friend of theirs on the Internet. Kundar would call her daughter and tell her that if she hung up, he would come and get her, the mother said. He said he knows where she lives and he would do sexually violent things to her, she added. The father of another girl said Kundar would call their home before his daughter went to school in the morning, then after 4 p.m. when she got home. He'd ask about her shoes and whether she has pretty feet, the father said. Shenango Township police had obtained warrants for Kundar's arrest, and learned he was calling from a cell phone in Panama City. "We knew he was in Panama City, and we kept in contact with the police department there," said Shenango patrolman Jason Domenick, who investigated the case. When Panama City police arrested Kundar, they notified Shenango officials. He was arraigned by District Judge David Rishel and is in the county jail on $15,000 bond. A jail official said Wednesday that although Kundar has telephone privileges, he has not made any calls. All phone calls are recorded and subject to monitoring, he added. Kundar is charged with three counts each of stalking and terroristic threats and nine counts of harassment. Police allege he would call the girls' homes sometimes 50 to 60 times within one hour, at all hours of the day. Their families reported Kundar would address the girls by their first names. They provided police with a phone number from their caller identification devices. Officers then called the number and Kundar identified himself. He allegedly used obscene language while talking to police, and told them he would not stop the calls and there was nothing they could do because he lives too far away. The telephone company identified Kundar's account to police, and gave his address as 609 Allen Ave., Panama City, Fla. According to Domenick, Kundar continued calling the families after information about the charges was publicized. His phone service eventually was discontinued because he did not pay his bills. Kundar also is wanted in at least one other western Pennsylvania county, and in Ohio, Tennessee and Florida, for similar offenses, according to the state police.

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