Liberty Mutual seeking office space in New Castle

Liberty Mutual is seeking office space in the New Castle area for its remaining employees. The company has been transitioning the New Castle workforce to a virtual environment, while its building its for sale. 

Liberty Mutual’s New Castle office could be on the move.

With the Wilmington Road building up for sale, the company is looking to relocate its current office workforce to another location in the area all the while continuing to transition employees into a work-from-home environment, according to Glenn Greenberg, a spokesperson for the insurance company.

“As announced in February, we transitioned our New Castle customer service and claims service call centers to a virtual environment,” Greenberg said in an email to the News, “resulting in the transition of nearly 340 employees to work-from-home.”

At the time of the announcement in February, Liberty Mutual has 620 total employees working in the Wilmington Road facility. At that time the building was put up for sale and 136 employees were laid off after being determined they were non-vital to the company’s future.

Greenberg said the company expects the transition process to a virtual environment to be complete in October.

“We also announced the closing of a 68-employee central billing unit,” Greenberg said of the companies moves early this year. “That will also be completed in October, although 10 to 15 employees will remain in the office until November.”

Greenberg said there is no timetable for the sale of the building or the relocation of its remaining office workforce.

“For those New Castle employees not impacted by these announcements, we are actively seeking alternative space in the New Castle area,” Greenberg said. “Our building is currently being marketed for sale; and although we do not have a timeline for any transaction, we do anticipate being fully vacant by the end of the year.”

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