As COVID-19 continues to grip the world, China has yet to admit to any wrong doings regarding the origin of this terrible tragedy that has so effected millions of people and economies throughout the world. Most all valid attempts to investigate the exact origin and spread of COVID-19 have been blocked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the infamous Wuhan laboratory has been completely removed of any traces of evidence by the CCP for any investigators to find.

Unfortunately, those in the prior administration and their supporters were labeled xenophobic for trying to place the accountability squarely where it deserved to be — on China and the CCP. While this event has horribly effected the entire world now for almost two years, the Chinese Communist Party has yet to be held accountable. It continues to operate as if it had no culpability, only concerned with its goal of world dominance and to overtake the US as the world super power at all costs, evident most recently by its immediate recognition of the Taliban as the ruling party in Afghanistan in an attempt to access precious rare earth minerals in that country.

In February of 2022, Beijing is hosting the Winter Olympics and will be on full display, welcoming all to see as if all was well in the world for the past two years. What a perfect chance for the U.S. and the entire world to remind them by boycotting the Winter Olympics.

Mark Allegro

Neshannock Township

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