Kelly points to 2020 as a key election year

Mike Kelly

For U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly, the past month has been a great month in American history.

“I would like to think — watching what happened — this last month may have been the greatest month ever for the United States,” Kelly told the News at the Lawrence County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Breakfast on Saturday.

The veteran legislator pointed to the signage of the “United States-Mexico-Canada agreement” and “phase one of the China deal signed” as two vital agreements that are designed to strengthen the American economy.

Kelly said those two pacts are “jobs bills.”

The US-Mexico-Canada agreement is a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), according to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and creates a more level playing field for American workers, benefits American farmers, ranchers and agribusiness, and supports a 21st Century economy through new protections for U.S. intellectual property.

The China deal includes an average of $40 billion a year over the next two years for purchasing agricultural products from China and a pledge from China to purchase more than $77 billion in manufactured goods from the United States.

“Then we go into the situation with impeachment and all of a sudden we are not working on things to improve the country, we are working on something or not working one things that are important and things that are truly just political,” Kelly said.

Kelly said the country is “in great shape right now.”

“We are the strongest country in the world,” Kelly said. “The former administration talked about leading from behind and most of us say, ‘I have no idea what that means.’ This presidency, and this administration, has done an awful lot for tax cuts, jobs act and really in check with the economy with a lot of hope and promise in investments that are made. We think it is a lot better.

“You may get discouraged by what you hear by on the TV, or radio, or something you read in the newspaper, look to the bright side. There is an awful lot of good going on right now.”

Kelly correlated the impeachment process as a distraction that prevented the government from focusing on issues affecting American citizens.

“For most of our citizens, they have discussed what is happening in Washington,” Kelly said. “Elections have consequences. Had Republicans been put back in the majority, none of this would be going on. We would have been working on the opioid crisis, the cost of pharmaceuticals, health care, surprise billings, making sure our military is strong, doing our infrastructure — getting all those things done that are really important to everyday operations.

“I am not for beating up anybody, but I am saying the facts speak for themselves. We are in much better shape three years after this president was elected than we were before. We can get back on track, but we have to make sure we are putting the right people in the right places with the right agenda. It is not about making America great again, or making America even better than it is today, then they shouldn’t be running for office. That is the real key.”

Kelly said politics is “not a search for power, it is a search for political policies that make sense for every single American.”

Meanwhile he pointed to the elections this year as important elections.

“I just wish they would quit what they are doing right now — they being the Democrats,” Kelly said. “They have tried for three years to undo a newly elected president. Why don’t we see what we can do in this last year and let the American people in November make the decision of who is in the White House, not the [Democrats].”

“I think if the president wins, we do not get the majority in the House, you are going to see the same behavior that you have been seeing in the last year. The first two years of the presidency, we had the House, the Senate, and the White House.

But this last year, we have the presidency, the Senate, but we don’t have the house of representatives and everything moving forward gets stymied. It is critical that we have elections that the outcome is that we keep America moving forward.”

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