Affordable Housing of Lawrence County has lost its second board member in as many weeks.

In addition, a Shenango Township resident said he probably will turn down an invitation to join the New Castle-based, nonprofit organization.

Citing time constraints, attorney Frank A. Natale II submitted his resignation Dec. 20. Former Affordable Housing board member and chairman Robert Evanick, who is the executive director of the Lawrence County Housing Authority, resigned earlier this month.

"I don't feel it's appropriate to take up a board space if I can't go," explained Natale, who said he had attended two meetings during six months on the board.

"I feel that would be more fair to them if somebody else can come. They schedule the meetings during business hours, and I have a very active practice."

Created by the Lawrence County Housing Authority in 2003, the organization's initial objective was to build housing for low-income families and/or the handicapped. Instead of building housing, the group has purchased eight properties in New Castle with the intent to rehabilitate them.

"I don't want to get involved in anything that didn't have some purpose for hopefully furthering the benefit of the community," Natale said Dec. 19. "That's what I thought it was. I don't think anything different now.

"I want to see New Castle revitalized. I want to see that happen."

The departures of Natale and Evanick leave the board with four members: Donald "Ducky" Conti, Karen DeCarlo, Bill Bonner and the Rev. James Blackwell.

Conti, who is the board secretary, also serves on the housing authority board. DeCarlo is a New Castle city councilwoman, and Bonner is an official at First Commonwealth Bank.

Conti was unavailable for comment Dec. 19.

Brian Tanner, Shenango Township secretary and Shenango school district's athletic director, said he will decide by Jan. 1 if he will join the board.

"At this time, I'm probably leaning against doing it, only because of the time factor," he said Dec. 19.

"I really have very little time right now."

Tanner was expected to replace real estate developer Jon Librandi, who died in October.

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