Two Ohio men face homicide charges for their alleged role in a shooting death on New Castle's South Side.

The alleged driver of a getaway car also faces additional charges in the Dec. 5 incident.

The three were among five people charged last week for entering a West Lutton Street house where shots were fired, killing 35-year-old Sean Smith.

New Castle police have charged Teandre Demarco of Warren, and Michael Price of Youngstown, both 29, as the trigger men.

Police seized an assault rifle and a .357-caliber Smith --amp; Wesson revolver from the alleged getaway car.

Sheila Genevieve Brothers, 30, of Warren, the alleged driver who led police on a chase into Ohio at more than 100 mph, is charged with criminal conspiracy to commit robbery and fleeing or attempting to elude police.

The two men and Brothers had been charged previously with aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy to commit burglary and robbery.

In addition to homicide charges, Demarco and Price both were charged Dec. 13 with criminal attempt at robbery, being former convicts owning a firearm, aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. Demarco also faces a second count of aggravated assault for allegedly using the revolver.

An autopsy showed Smith suffered four gunshot wounds of the chest, back and buttocks. Gunpowder burns indicate one shot was fired at close range.

The Mahoning County coroner's office reported the fatal shot hit Smith's liver, fragmented, then hit his lung.

A pathologist told police the rounds were consistent with a .357-caliber Magnum.

Price was shot in the leg during the struggle.

Five people initially were charged. However Dec. 13, police dropped charges against Naomi Christina Brothers, 24, of New Castle, and Russell Benton Florence, 31, of 205 N. Mercer St. and 129 E. North St., both witnesses.

District Judge Melissa Amodie Dec. 13 arraigned Demarco, Price and Sheila Brothers on the new charges and set her bond at $100,000. Demarco and Price are in the Lawrence County jail without bond.

A criminal history check showed both men have felony convictions in Ohio.

According to police, a witness said Smith answered the door around 6:15 p.m. Dec. 5 and a man identified as Price held a silver and black assault rifle and ordered Smith to the floor.

Smith wrestled him for the rifle, and another man, later identified as Demarco, fired at Smith with a handgun, the witness said. He told police he hid behind the refrigerator when a shot was fired at him.

The witness said the men ran out the kitchen door and he saw people get into a Chrysler Concorde. Price was limping as if he had been shot, the witness said.

Florence, who got into the car with the four others, told police he had gone to Smith's house to sell him a tattoo. He said Demarco and Price had wanted to go along to buy marijuana from Smith.

Florence said he greeted Smith, then Price pushed Florence out of the way.

Florence corroborated the other witness' story about how the shooting occurred, and said he and Naomi Brothers ran out. When they got into the car, he said, Demarco told Sheila Brothers, to "Go."

Florence said he yelled at her to stop. The chase ended when she collided with a car near Lincoln Knolls Plaza on Route 422.

Police returned all five to New Castle, where they were identified and questioned. They were charged the next morning, Police Chief Tom Sansone said.

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