Something is new at the 15th annual Fall Craft and Food Festival to be held Saturday at St. Camillus Church at 314 W. Englewood Ave.

Although it features the same ethnic foods and familiar crafters, the festival this year will include all seven former parishes that make up the newly created Holy Spirit Parish of Lawrence County.

The festival will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, and will feature food, 40 craft vendors, a bake sale, mum sale and raffles.

Event chairwoman Amy Lamb said more hands were available this year to prepare the “fabulous ethnic foods” that draw patrons year after year.

“We had people from each of the seven parishes joining us at the St. Camillus kitchen,” she said. “We all wore name tags since there were new faces but we all hit it off and are working together.”

Unloading a car packed with boxes and supplies, Lamb noted that the former St. Camillus parish center gym will be packed with crafters. Colorful fall mums will be available outdoors in a tent sale.

Foods will include haluski (cabbage and noodles), pierogi, pizza, stuffed cabbage, stuffed pepper and wedding soups and frozen cavatelli. Bake sale items will be available as well as raffle tickets and baskets. 

“We’ve been busy. Our freezer is full,” Lamb said. She noted that to prepare for the event, 300 dozen of pierogi and 2,180 quarts of wedding soup have been made. This week workers are making 600 stuffed cabbages.

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