One of four people arrested in a drug raid at Crestview Gardens yesterday was already wanted on robbery charges.

Police, armed with a sealed search warrant, entered an apartment around 7 a.m. and found 19-year-old Elisah Watson of Greensburg who had about 100 pills and more than $2,000 in his possession, according to District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa.

Since July 13, Watson has been wanted on a warrant for robbery and related charges. He is accused of pistol-whipping a woman in the face and stealing $600 out of her bra at Crestview Gardens the night of May 3. He subsequently was arrested in Ohio for a gun charge.

The Lawrence County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force, the New Castle Police special entry team and the task force special investigative unit yesterday raided an upstairs apartment at 134 Parkwood Court that was being rented to Marissa Donahue, 20, who also was arrested.

In addition to the four people in the apartment, police found a 4-month-old baby who was placed in the custody of Lawrence County Children and Youth Services.

In addition to Watson and Donahue, police arrested Dontae Carlton Terrell, 18, formerly of Detroit, and Floyd Hunter, 27, of 814 W. Washington St., who is Donahue’s fiancé.

New Castle police have charged Watson, Donahue and Hunter with various counts of drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal conspiracy. Terrell is charged with a count of defiant trespass because he is on the Lawrence County Housing Authority’s trespasser list.

According to city police chief Bobby Salem, the search was initiated as a result of a controlled drug buy the day before. Police used a confidential informant who was given marked money to purchase suspected heroin from Watson.

Police yesterday seized about $2,000 and a bottle containing 10 suspected narcotics pills and one tablet identified as oxycodone.

According to court records, some of the cash found on Watson included some of the marked money police gave the informant to negotiate the drug buys on Wednesday.

Police reported that they also found various containers, packaging items and syringes in the apartment.

Officers said Terrell had $80 in cash in his pockets when he was taken to the city police station. The amount confiscated in the apartment totaled $1,964.

 The four were arraigned late yesterday by District Judges Melissa A. Amodie and Jennifer L. Nicholson.  Bonds for Donahue and Hunter are set at $10,000 each.

Watson’s bond is $50,000. He also was arraigned on the robbery-related charges and Amodie set an additional bond of $50,000 for that alleged offense.

Terrell’s bond for the defiant trespass charge is $2,000.

All four are in the Lawrence County jail.

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