Olive McKeithan

FARRELL – Mayor Olive McKeithan is not letting her loss in the May primary election stop her from trying to remain the city’s mayor.

McKeithan, who has served as Farrell’s mayor for 12 years, has decided to run a write-in campaign. She hopes Farrell voters will key in the write-in box and write her name in when they go to the polls Tuesday.

“The reason why I’m running is because I have the project with the plaza. We have a possibility of a new store coming down on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard,” McKeithan said. “There’s just some projects that we have done in this community, that with Mike (Ceci, city manager) leaving, I want to see through.”

The three-term mayor lost to Councilwoman Kimberly Doss in the May primaries.

Doss netted 396 votes (44.6 percent), followed by McKeithan, with 281 votes (31.7 percent) and Andrew Harkulich, with 210 votes (23.7 percent).

“I love the city. I love the city,” McKeithan said. “I just want to do what I’ve always wanted to do – what’s right for this community.”

McKeithan said she has core people who are working on her campaign with her, and she hopes to garner enough votes to overtake Doss in the election.

Both women are running as Democrats, and the winner will be the candidate with the most votes.

“I don’t feel like I’m doing anything unfair. I don’t have anything against Kim (Doss),” McKeithan said. “I just have some projects that I don’t want to drop … I want to see my projects through.”

The current mayor is even more concerned with the city’s projects given the fact that Ceci, Farrell’s city manager for the past nine years, will be stepping down in March.

“I’m asking people to vote for me on my merit,” McKeithan said, “on what I’ve done over the years; and I think I’ve done a lot for this community over the years when I was mayor and when I was not.”

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