Building upon its footprint in New Castle.

Ellwood Quality Steel’s $60 million expansion project is beginning to take shape as the foundation and shell of the facility are taking shape, said Mike Morgus, president of the Moravia Street steel foundry.

“The construction is underway with current focus on the building erection and foundations,” Morgus said. “We will begin to receive equipment over the next several months, and expect to begin operations at the end of the first quarter of 2019.”

EQS is a supplier of engineered heavy metal components to customers around the globe and broke ground on the new 110,000-square-foot-facility in April.

The facility will produce products that will be used in the aerospace and power-gen oil and gas industries. The expansion will create 25 jobs to the 700 employees the company has in New Castle, Ellwood City and Wilmington Township.

EQS is excited to expand its foray in the aerospace industry.

“These are markets that we already participate in,” Morgus said. “In order to support our customers better and offer a braoder range of products with improved quality and delivery performance we decided to construct this expansion project.

“Our long-term goal for this facility, as it is for our existing facilities, is to safely operated the equipment, in an environmentally conscience way, to produce the finest steel and alloys products in North America to support our customers success. We will continue to evaluate any additional expansions that are necessary to continue our growth.”

The expansion project allows EQS to have control over processes involed in the manfucaturing of its products.

“Currently, the processes that will be completed in the new expansion project are done for EQS by outside companies,” Morgus said. “We will now have control over these critical processes to ensure the long-term technical viability of our products. For the community, we will be employing an additional 25 people to start.” 

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